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123Visa Immigration Services Manifesto

The 123Visa Immigration Services Manifesto is simple. Our intention is to help people from all walks of life, who are struggling to create a life in the country in which they are a citizen, and come to Canada, where they can have a better chance of fulfilling their dreams to work, enjoy human rights, study or and unite with family members.

When we discover the background stories of some of our clients, something arises in our team. It is the inspiration a heightened level of dedication, to give 100% to each case, in hopes that our efforts will help someone be chosen to go forward in the immigration process. 100% is all we can do. That is our motivation to keep working through a sometimes complicated and detailed process to help our clients reach safety, loved ones, financial stability or educational and experiential opportunities.

We go over and over our reports, applications, appeals, details, contact information, whatever is required so that there are no errors or omissions to slow down the application process because we owe it to you. We scour resources to find the best precedents and laws to support your claim if you are applying for refugee status. If you are trying to begin a new life in Canada based on your skills, it is up to us to make sure nothing is missed under the list of criteria to achieve your goals. We’ll help you secure every document required to satisfy the requirements of your application. (find out more about our team).

If you are trying to study in Canada, we recognize the immense and life-changing opportunity that can be and do our best to make sure you have every chance of succeeding. We are particularly pleased to have helped so many young people take advantages of Canada’s wonderful education facilities found in every province.123Visa Immigration Services manifesto

If you are going to put your future in our hands, we are going to be straight about your chances and outline exactly what must be done to improve your chances to be selected to immigrate to Canada or the United States, through the available programs. If we must advise you to go back to school, we will, even if it means saying “come back in a year or two.” We don’t accept hopeless cases and lead you to believe there is hope. At 123Visa Immigration Services, we don’t fudge information and do everything by the book!

This genuine desire to help those who ask keeps us alert to any changes in law or criteria. When you have it in your heart to help, finding a new path to immigration can more rewarding and less work, as you discover a new tool to add to our Immigration Services, that could be integral in helping someone land in Canada for good! Therefore we always stay abreast of any updates from CIC.

Of course, our heart goes out to the refugee claimants and those who are applying under humanitarian and compassionate grounds and we work as hard as we can to help their plight, but we also know how important it is for a student, skilled worker or entrepreneur to gain valuable experience or have a chance to start a new life in Canada, because we have been there ourselves. We know what it is like to dream of a better life in Canada from a faraway land, and we are happy to report it is pretty fine once you get here. As long as you obey the law of the land, pay your taxes, respect and try and get along with your fellow man and maybe even contribute to your community on one level or another, you’re gold! There are lots of resources to help new immigrants assimilate into Canadian do just that, and as part of our Immigration Services, we will let you know about available avenues for assistance.

Although we also help people immigrate to the United States, we maintain Canada is the best country in the world to welcome new immigrants, no matter where you are from, especially in the present political climate. How proud were Canadians when the confused politics in the U.S.A. started grumblings about not letting citizens from certain countries into the United States, and our own Prime Minister, said to send them to Canada instead? We were pretty proud indeed. That is Canada. We take as many new citizens a year as we can possibly handle, without upsetting the balance of the Country’s economy too much, while showing the rest of the world how a country built by immigrants, keeps accepting more and treats them like the valued citizens they are, and keeps growing strong.

You can feel safe in Canada, which is one of the things we love about it the most, and why we are confident in encouraging immigrants to apply to enter this grand country. It is inspiring to see cultures from all over the world meld and get along so well throughout Canada. If you want to hang on to the ways of your culture, as long as you are not hurting anyone, few will bother you. You can probably find a pocket of your countrymen in a corner of every large city in Canada. Or do what most immigrants do, and combine the customs of your homeland with those of Canadian society and enjoy the best of both worlds.

It is an easier job to fulfil the 123Visa Immigration Services Manifesto when you live in a country that has made it possible by providing so many paths through which you may immigrate. The trick is to find the right one and follow the process properly, accurately, and word your details in a way that brings success. That is what we do.

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