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About Us

The Immigration team at 123Visa helps people from all over the world spend time or start a new life in Canada through the various programs offered by Citizen and Immigration Canada. Our immigration consultants advise on which CIC Programs you are eligible for and guide you through the application process to make you a stronger candidate for acceptance.  We use our expertise, experience and realistic approach to make 123Visa Immigration Teamsure that you have met the requirements, based on your background, skill set and life circumstances, and advise you every step of the way to help make you a successful candidate in the program to which you are applying.

Whether you are entering Canada through the Federal Skilled Workers and Federal Skilled Trades Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Family Sponsorship Program, Live-in Caregivers Program Business or Farming Entrepreneur or as a Convention refugee or ‘person in need of protection’, the 123Visa immigration specialists can help. We are very familiar with all these immigration streams to settle in Canada and the many steps and requirements involved in the process. We’ll make sure your checklist is as complete as possible and assist with presenting your details and documents and application well.

The thing that makes 123Visa such a strong team is our hands-on knowledge and experience from both sides of immigration in a variety of experiences to become permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

…and then, of course, there is our Office Manager who meticulously manages files and information, both hard and soft copies, to help assemble the strong and professional looking package that you need to submit in order to compete with the thousands of others doing the same thing. Attention to detail is the key to a successful immigration application, and we have it. We also use the experience of a team of between the lawyers, immigration consultants, business administrators, researchers and writers, to make you look like the worthy candidate you know you are!

the Immigration Team at 123Visa makes sure you have:

  • acceptable documents as proof of citizenship from your homeland
  • preparation for your taking the citizenship test on many levels, including ensuring you have all that you need when showing up to take it
  • the test results from an accredited source to ensure your language skills meet Canadian Language Benchmarks standards for the program to which you are applying
  • acceptable evidence of training and/or education required for specific programs
  • guidance regarding what steps to take to go forward after you have taken tests and submitted applications
  • information on getting help in general as a new arrival
  • answers to the many questions you will have to apply to immigrate and live in Canada

Language is king in the world of immigration. Our advice to you, if you are thinking of immigrating to Canada or the United States, is start practising! You get points for various factors when determining your suitability to immigrate, and in every single program, language skills warrant a fair amount of points, awarding more points for higher language skills. Besides, it will just make life a whole lot easier throughout the immigration process and once you arrive in Canada if you can already converse in English to some extent.

The 123Visa Immigration Team is very pleased to have been able to assist hundreds of people to immigrate to Canada already. In doing so, our seasoned immigration team has learned the protocol and best routes for the top results in your quest to become a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and pass our experience and knowledge onto you.

Immigration Team of consultants for Canada

It’s all in the experience! The Immigration Team at 123Visa has the experience and knowledge you need to help make your quest for citizenship and permanent resident status a successful one.  Whether you wish to make your new home in Canada or the United States, we have the experts with the track records to prove that they know what it takes to get the desired results. We have made sure that our immigration team has a broad education and training. Our consultants have backgrounds that include, not only includes law degrees but also business degrees, which really help with the complexities involved with the many entrepreneur and investment programs offered on a federal and provincial basis, or in the various U.S. immigration programs.

It’s all in the details! Our team fully understands the complexities of the application process and we pride ourselves in combing over every one of your documents so there are no surprises after submitting your package. Our immigration team make sure that every item is covered every step of the way. We also keep abreast of any new developments in the laws, procedures, criteria, and more, so we can do the best job we can for our clients.

It’s all in the wording! We help you submit a really professional looking package that is succinct and only full of the pertinent details that the Immigration Officers reading it are looking for. We know how to phrase a description of your assets to present you like the desirable candidate Canada is looking for. Let us make you look good!

After helping hundreds of people immigrate to Canada, our sense of understanding and compassion has become immense.  We truly want to help you by applying all our skills, intellect and experience, so you can have a better life in Canada. Most of us have gone through the immigration process ourselves and know the challenges first hand, which makes us all the better at our jobs. We understand how important applying for permanent resident refugee status is to anyone who asks for our help and want you to know that you are in good hands with the immigration team at 123Visa.

Meet Our Team

123Visa CEO and Manager - Shahab completed his Master’s Degree in Private Law at the Azad University of Tehran in 1997 and his Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 1993 at Tehran University, both under the supervision of Professor Nejatali Almasi, PhD of Tehran University. Shahab an Immigration Consultant Diploma Program at Vancouver’s Ashton College, School of Law. Shahab practiced law in Tehran from 1997 until 2001, when he moved to Turkey, spending the next eleven years helping hundreds of immigrants gain status and sponsorship in other countries, and allowing him to develop a wealth of knowledge regarding the immigration process.

Shahab Dorraj

CEO and Manager of 123Visa

123 Visa Immigration consultant and ICCRC member - R706484

Mahsa Mehrvarz

Immigration Consultant & ICCRC member - R706484

Dorsa Tehrani

Office Manager

Office Manager in Iran

Hamid Abazari

Office Manager in Iran

Office Administrator

Hoda Bayat

Office Administrator

Nazli Hekmat Shoar

Office Administrator

This post is also available in: Persian