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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Alberta has a lot to offer as far a beauty, natural resources, rich mineral deposits and a strong economy, partly due to the oil and gas industry. With its majestic mountains, vast forests, and more than 600 beautiful lakes, it attracts many thousands of tourists each year. They visit by car, bus, trains, bicycles, canoes and on foot, such destinations such as Dinosaur Provincial Park, Elk Island National ParkWood Buffalo National Park, BanffJasper and other destinations throughout the huge Rocky Mountains chain.

You will find much diversity in in this large and rugged province! All the cultural advantages of living in a city with over one million residents, offered in both Edmonton and Calgary. Or you can enjoy the rural areas of Alberta, which are still dedicated to the farming life, and attend fairs, exhibitions and musical events that abound, particularly in the summer. Horsemen and agri-food farmers like to show off the efforts and results of having farming in their heritage while competing, networking and enjoying great entertainment and fun at such community events.

Watch the Video ‘Remember to Breathe’ and visit Travel Alberta to discover more about this great province.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee ProgramThe IRCC works in conjunction with the province to manage the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. The Express Entry stream accommodates those skilled workers and international students who have already met the criteria and registered a valid profile in the Federal government’s Citizen and Immigration Canada Express Entry pool. If the province assesses your profile, based on several factors, and decides that you meet the required criteria, you may be invited to apply to one of the Immigrant Nominee Programs.

If the province determines that you will be a good asset to the Alberta workforce and community, you may be nominated by the province to have your application submitted into the federal IRCC pool of successful candidates. You may have your application selected from the draw at different times of the year which allows you and your immediate family members to apply to become permanent residents of Canada.

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The AINP has 3 streams: an employer-driven stream for Skilled Workers, Semi-skilled Workers and International Graduates, a Self-Employed Farmer Stream and a Strategic Recruitment Stream for Post-Graduate Workers, Engineers and Compulsory and Optional Trade Workers.

Alberta Skilled Worker Program

This program accommodates Skilled Workers who bring with them the college or university education or special training that can enhance the Alberta workforce. It covers foreign nationals with occupational skills in the following categories: Managerial jobs at NOC skill 0, Professional jobs Alberta Skilled Worker Programat NOC skill A and Technical jobs and skilled trades jobs at NOC skill B.

In order to show that you will comfortably settle into community life in the province and contribute to the workforce in an area where your skills are needed, you must:

  • have at least two years’ experience, required Alberta licensing and the equivalent training by AINP standards, required for the position that you currently hold or have arranged to fill
  • you must either be working in the province on a valid work permit, at a full-time, permanent job with benefits, at prevailing wages or show proof of a similar job offer from an Alberta employer, who can show a need for your NOC 0, A or B skill levels
  • show that the Labour Market Impact Assessment will allow the employment a foreign worker to fill the position or provide an LMIA exemption
  • submit test results from an accredited source that prove that you have a minimum Level 5 language skills in English or French, according to Canadian Language Benchmark standards
  • prove that you plan to stay in the province permanently by showing evidence of networking on a professional, social and community basis, documents pertaining to property ownership or rental, family ties, etc.
  • have adequate settlement funds for you and any dependents

Alberta Semi-skilled Worker Program

Alberta Semi-skilled Worker ProgramSemi-skilled workers are those with NOC skill level C and include occupations in the food and beverage processing, hotel and lodging, manufacturing, long-haul trucking and the food service industry.

In order to qualify for this program, you must:

  • be currently working in a full-time position at standard Alberta regional employment wages with a valid work permit from an Alberta employer
  • show proof of completing high school, (equivalent to Alberta standards)
  • submit a Language Proficiency Test (not more than 2 years old ) from an approved source to prove you meet level 7 of the Canadian Language Benchmark standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • submit a confirmation that offering you employment, does not conflict with any collective bargaining agreements and is allowed according to the Labour Market Impact Assessment report
  • have a settlement plan created and submitted by your employer
  • demonstrate your plans to permanently settle in Alberta by submitting proof of networking on a professional, social and community basis, property rental/ownership or rental, having family ties, etc.
  • have sufficient settlement funds for you and any dependents to travel and establish a home

Unless you fall under the Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering Occupations Category, you must be in possession of valid work permit or implied status based on the Labour Market Impact Assessment (or exemptions), during the entire AINP application and assessment period.

Alberta International Graduate Program

Recent International Graduates from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution may apply for the AINP. In order to do so, you must:

  • Alberta International Graduates Programalready have a Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • be working in a full-time, permanent position in an eligible occupation at a NOC skill level 0, A, B or C that you stated you’d be working in when submitting your application
  • be working in a full-time, permanent with a qualified Alberta employer who will be supporting your application process
  • have completed a graduate level, minimum 1-year program or received a diploma or degree from a list of  AINP approved Alberta public and private post-secondary institutions or a publicly funded community college, trade/technical school or university in another Canadian province or territory
  • show the results of a Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
  • indicate that you plan to live permanently in Alberta on a permanent basis

If you are an international graduate who meets most of the above criteria, you may be eligible to submit your application without lining up a qualified employer. For more details see Strategic Recruitment Stream Post-Graduate Worker Category.

Compulsory and Optional Trade Workers

Compulsory Certificate Trades include appliance and maintenance and rig technicians, ironworkers, gas fitters, welders, auto body refinishers, and crane operators and similarly trained workers.

Alberta Compulsory and Optional Trade Workers ProgramOptional Certificate Trades include carpenters, landscapers, roofers, tile setters, bricklayers, glaziers, drillers, concrete finisher, insulators, cooks, painters, decorators, communication, parts, instrument and powerline technician and similarly trained workers.

Under the Alberta Compulsory and Optional Trade Workers Program, at the time you apply to the AINP, you must:

  • have a recognized Alberta Qualification Certificate or be in a registered apprentice program under a certified journeyman in one of the above-listed trades, or
  • have a recognized Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Trade Certificate
  • be working full-time position for an Alberta employer at standard provincial employment wages on a valid work permit at a trade in which you have the required training
  • submit a Language Proficiency Test from an approved source to prove you meet the basic requirements in reading, writing, speaking and listening, that is not more than 2 years old.

Alberta Self-Employed Farmers Program

The AINP an Alberta Agriculture and Forestry review applications in this category to select the candidates that represent the best opportunity for growth relevant to the targets of Alberta’s agri-food industry.

Alberta Self-Employed Farmers ProgramTo be considered for the Alberta Self-Employed Farmers Program you must:

  • show evidence that you possess adequate farm management skills by producing documents outlining: your current financial / business farm status; education, training and work experience relating to business and farming; proposed business plan for farming in Alberta; proof of backing to run your farm from a Canadian financial institution
  • currently, have enough financial resources for a sustainable primary production farming operation
  • provide documentation proving you have or can access at least $500,000.00 CAD
  • invest at least $500,000.00 CAD in cash/equity in an Alberta farming business
  • show the details of your business and investment plan
  • prove that you have sufficient language skills according to Canadian Language Benchmark standards

Alberta Engineering Occupation Program

This program covers Engineering Managers, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Industrial and Manufacturing, Mining, Geological and Petroleum, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineers as well as Drafting Technologists and Technicians.

Alberta Engineering Occupation ProgramTo be eligible to apply under the Alberta Engineering Occupation Program you must:

  • be currently living in the province of Alberta
  • prove that you are planning to live in Alberta on a permanent basis
  • show documentation of education/training and experience in the field of engineering, drafting or designing
  • be working for an Alberta employer within the province in one of the positions listed on the AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering Occupations List
  • if you are certified and working as a Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Chemical, Industrial and Manufacturing, Mining, Geological or Petroleum Engineer or as an Engineering Manager, you are required to submit a ‘Letter of No Objection from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta or prove that they have issued you a foreign license to work in the province
  • if you are certified and working as a Civil, Mechanical, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering or Drafting Technologists & Technicians, you don’t need to obtain the ‘Letter of No Objection

Alberta Post-Graduate Worker Program

You may be allowed to immigrate to Alberta, Canada via the Post-Graduate Worker Program. You need to have completed your post-graduate education in Alberta, and already have a full-time, permanent position with a qualified Alberta employer at the time you submit your application to the AINP.

Alberta Post-Graduate Worker  ProgramIn order to meet the criteria of the Alberta Post-Graduate Worker  Program, you must:

  • show proof that you completed a graduate level program at an Alberta public or private post-secondary institution, approved by the ANIP, that is at least one school year in length – two semesters or the equivalency
  • have full-time employment in the province for an incorporated or registered business, owned and run by an Alberta employer
  • possess a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit from the IRCC
  • have employment that requires one of the following National Occupational Classification skill levels: NOC 0 – Management occupations, NOC A- Occupations requiring a university education, NOC B – Occupations requiring a college education or NOC C – Occupations requiring secondary education and/or specific training (ineligible occupations)
  • submit official test results (less than 2 years old) from a Language Test Centre, proving that you meet the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark level 4 standards
  • prove that you are able to and plan to settle in Alberta permanently

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This post is also available in: Persian