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Canada’s Express Entry Program Explained

Canada’s Express Entry Program is something you should know about, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, and wish to use your skill set as a means to settle in the country. It is used to assess applicants, who wish to apply to work or become a permanent resident, through the ‘Federal Skilled Worker Program’; ‘Federal Skilled Trades Program’ and the ‘Canadian Experience Class’.

This is also an important program to understand if you are applying through the Provincial Nominee Programs. The Provinces access applicants from the Express Entry Pool, to fill voids in their workforce. It is wise to review the criteria below and start working on aspects of your life, to help you score well in the assessment.

Canada's Express Entry Program ExplainedIf you have things all together, work on gathering every document that will present you in the best way possible. Since Canada is such a great, and appealing country to many who are living in less desirable conditions, competition is fierce, so don’t miss a step! Include all you can regarding your skills, education, language ability, work experience, adaptability, and any other details, to give you an edge. Gather references from employers as to your competence and character, as well as the details that will prove you have the required experience and training for the field you work in.

Once you register your initial profile in Canada’s Express Entry Program, you will have to complete it in within 60 days. Once accessed, if you score well enough, your application gets added to the pool of candidates. Things open up for you, once you have completed this first step of the Express Entry Program.

For Federal Skilled Workers, with a Skill Type 0, A or B, according to the ‘National Occupational Classification’, once in the pool, you are able to start your job search in Canada. If you find one, in order for that job offer to be valid, it usually needs to include a start date, and be for a paid, full-time, continuous position. It must be from one employer, for at least one year. The job offer must be accompanied by a written letter, that provides the employer’s details, and describes your duties, start date, pay and deductions, conditions, etc.


The potential employer must also attain, and provide a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment, to be in a position to make you an offer of employment. Canada tries to ensure that no Canadian citizen, or permanent resident, already in the labour market, can fill the position you are being offered, before inviting you, as a foreign national to accept it.

Since LMIA’s can ‘make or break’ the possibility of an offer of employment, immigrants often find that the job offers are found in less populated areas, where the labour pool is found lacking. 

If you are working on a work permit and it runs out, a new LMIA must be issued to renew your permit. At this stage, you may be able to include ‘Canadian Experience Class’ as an asset, on your application.

Canada's Express Entry Program Explained by 123VisaFor Federal Skilled Trades Workers, that possess the skill sets that match those required for occupations with NOC codes, including numbers 72, 73, 82, 92, 632 and 633, a valid job offer can be made by up to 2 employers, otherwise, the criteria are basically the same as above.

You can see why people come to us for help with immigration packages. You need to be on your toes, to present the absolute best submission you can muster. No immigration consultants are allowed to find work for you, but we can ensure your application is thorough, complete, truthful and working for you to the best advantage. We translate, edit, and select the pertinent details that immigration officers are looking for. Our best advice to you is never, ever lie about anything to do with any application submitted to the Canadian government! We do things by the book, and so should you, if you want to be successful in your quest to come to Canada.

Canada’s Express Entry Program uses a Comprehensive Ranking System formula, to determine your eligibility. It is comprised of 2 sets of 600 points, based on 4 sections. The first section includes skills and experience factors – worth up 500 points for the applicant, and up 460 for a spouse, or common-law partner. The second section allows a spouse to score up to 40 points for language skills and education. The third section assesses the applicants, and their spouse’s ability to transfer skills, and takes into consideration education, and work experience. Both may score up to 100 points. In the fourth section, you can also score up to 600 points for any Canadian degrees, diplomas or certificates, having secured a valid job offer, a nomination from one of the provinces through their Provincial Nominee Programs, having a sibling living in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident, and possessing strong French language skills.

Canada's Express Entry ProgramThe Canadian government has recently made some changes to Canada’s Express Entry Program, making it easier to score well. You can now get 15 additional points for at least one sibling living in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident if they’re 18 years old, or older, are related to you by blood, marriage, common-law partnership or adoption, and have a parent in common with you. Also, additional points are awarded if you score NCLC 7 or higher on all four French language skills, 15 additional points if you scored CLB 4 or lower in English (or if you didn’t take an English test) and 30 additional points if you scored CLB 5 or higher on all four English skills

Canada’s Express Entry Program draws take place about every 2 weeks. If you are not invited by the Canadian government to apply for permanent residence after 1 year of being eligible in the Express Entry pool of candidates, your profile expires.

If you need expert advice on putting together, and editing your application for Canada’s Express Entry Program, be sure to contact the 123Visa Immigration Services Team. We do our best to make sure your assets help you score well.

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