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Immigration to the United States of America

L2 – United States Visa for spouses and children of L1 visa holders

123Visa helps both you and your family settle in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis by making sure you take the right steps and that every detail is covered when applying for an L2 U.S. Visa for spouses and children.

When a spouse is married to an L1 U.S. Visa Holder, they may apply for a visa as well so they may accompany their spouse into the United States.  ‘Derivative beneficiaries’, otherwise

known as the spouse and children, may apply for an L2 U.S. Visa to do this. The L1 applicant’s immediate family is allowed into the country for the duration of L1 U.S. Visa holder period. A spouse, who accompanies an L1A applicant by obtaining an L2 U.S. Visa, is eligible for a Permanent Resident Card, or a ‘green card’, in order to obtain permanent work once in the United States. The L2 visa holder may stay and work for the same duration of that of the L1 applicant’s visa, for a maximum of 7 years, and only 5 years if they accompany an L1B visa holder. The dependents of the L2 U.S. Visa holder may pursue their education or work part-time or full-time and are usually granted the same period of stay as the L1 visa holder as well.

Establishing that you are indeed a spouse of the Visa Holder is a large part of the process for those applying for an L2 Visa since everything hangs on this particular status. You, therefore, must provide considerable evidence of your marital status and background.

In order to apply for the L2 U.S. Visa as a spouse, and on behalf yourself and your children under 21 years old, you must meet the criteria and perform the steps listed below.  Spouses must:
  • apply at the United State embassy or consulate in the country you are in
  • be available for an interview at a consulate as well as one for fingerprinting, etc., bringing all receipts and required documents
  • children entering the U.S.A. via the L2 U.S. Visa must be unmarried and under 21 years
  • ensure all family members have a valid passport and show original birth certificates for children under 14 years old
  • submit official photographs of yourself, for your visa, 600 px X 600 px in size, and to help prove your marriage status
  • provide your original marriage certificate, wedding invitations and wedding photo album 
  • provide a letter from an employer that substantiates your relationship with the L1 applicant, your reason for petitioning to enter the United States, along with the L1 applicant’s employment verification letter, pay stubs and income tax return, and possibly more documents if requested by the consulate
  • copy and comprehensive details regarding your L1 U.S. Visa holder’s passport if you are applying separately, along with the required forms
  • take steps to obtain a US Visa Interview appointment letter and a CEAC Barcode confirmation printout

We know it can all sound a bit daunting, but just call the experts at 123Visa and we will get you through the process. We’ll get you started on meeting your requirements so you can submit a great application package, and follow through with professional guidance every step of the way.

At 123Visa, we know all the steps involved in applying for an L2 U.S. Visa for spouses and children and do all that we can to ensure every detail is covered for an expedient application process.

This post is also available in: Persian