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Permanent Resident Categories

The Immigration experts at 123Visa know first hand the steps involved in obtaining permanent resident status in Canada through the many Permanent Resident Categories and will guide you to success with your application.

Canada is known for its multiculturalism and proud to be a country where people from so many countries around the world come when they are in need of help, or if they can help themselves already, they may just be seeking a better way of life on many levels. You can bring the best of your culture and find a pocket of your people in some corner of just about every city in Canada while adding to embracing the best of the melded qualities of Canadian culture. Our diversity makes Canada strong and we are showing the rest of the world how to do it! So let us help you find your place in Canada through the various Permanent Resident Categories. There are lots of them, and they are available on a Federal level as well as a Provincial level through the Provincial Nominee Programs unique to each province.

Canada is blessed to have a great Prime Minister in Justin Trudeau, along with the officers at Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada, who all show compassion, practical and fair reasoning when it comes to assessing the needs of people applying to immigrate to Canada. Thus thousands of people a year are allowed to immigrate into Canada and obtain Permanent Resident Status on the basis of providing refuge to people living in incredibly difficult situations, reuniting families, and building the Canadian workforce with talented, educated graduates and workers with various skill levels, along with investors and entrepreneurs who can bring capital, innovation and new business to help employ Canadian citizens and permanent residents. There is lots of competition among the Permanent Resident Categories, so you have got to present your case very well and not miss a single detail. That is where our experienced team of lawyers and consultants who have already helped hundreds of people attain permanent status comes in.

Many people who immigrate to Canada are not Canadian citizens but have been granted Permanent Resident Status while remaining citizens of other countries. They may still be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship and can live, work or study as a permanent resident until their application is accepted. They are issued a Permanent Resident card as identification which must be presented at borders, etc.

The CIC has created policy, procedures and guidance to be used by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada staff, to ensure humanitarian and family-related needs are taken into consideration, along with the wide array of economic, social and cultural contributions that people from other countries can offer Canada, when deciding who may enter one of the programs.  The CIC must also be mindful of safeguarding residents of Canada at the same, and thus require that you not have a criminal past, not be under review for fraud or immigration issues, or have a removal order to leave Canada or other specific conditions outlined to you.

Permanent Residents are expected to pay the same taxes as Canadian Citizens on municipal, provincial and federal levels. They are eligible to receive most of the same health care and social benefits, as well as protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They must abide by all the same Canadian laws in place to protect them and all Canadians. They cannot vote or seek political appointments or hold high-level security clearance positions while still a permanent resident.

You must spend at least two years or a minimum of 730 days within a five-year period living in Canada when a permanent resident. Residing outside of Canada for longer periods may cause you to lose your permanent resident status.

Read more details on the requirements for Permanent Resident Status on the CIC website.

On the application to immigrate to Canada, the CIC has listed several categories of economic classes under which you can apply to be considered to be a good candidate to become an economically stable permanent resident of Canada.

Permanent Resident Categories – Economic Class Categories:

You can also apply to enter Canada based on more personal and more humanitarian reasons such as re-uniting and creating families or being in need of protection and fleeing political unrest, persecution, famine, etc.

Permanent Resident Categories – Non-economic Class Categories:

  • Family Class
  • Sponsor Members of the Family Class
  • Adoptions
  • Spouse or common-law partner in Canada class
  • Humanitarian and compassionate consideration
  • Protected persons
  • Temporary resident permit holders

This post is also available in: Persian