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Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is an employer-driven program which allows international student graduates and both highly skilled and intermediately skilled workers, who meet the criteria of the program, to apply from inside or outside Canada, for permanent residence in one of the four Maritime provinces including Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island.

This program requires that you have a full-time, non-seasonal job or job offer. This allows you to take the next step which is getting a designated settlement service provider organization to provide you with a ‘needs assessment and a settlement plan’ for you and any adult members of your family.

The next step after that must be taken by a designated Atlantic province employer, who must submit the job offer that was extended to you, the ‘needs assessment and settlement plan’ that you obtained, along with the employer’s endorsement application to the province, which upon approving your application, provide their own letter of endorsement for permanent resident status in Canada. 123Visa will help you submit a package that does you the best by ensuring every detail is covered, every step of the way. We will help you present a comprehensive, professional looking application to help you score as high as you can in your assessments.

Atlantic High-Skilled Program

In order to be considered as a candidate for the Atlantic High-Skilled Program, you must have work experience at NOC Skill level 0, A, or B: Managerial jobs – NOC Skill level 0, Professional jobs – NOC Skill level A as well as Technical jobs and Skilled Trades jobs – NOC Skill level B.

To qualify for this program, you must:

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

Another facet of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot is the Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program. In order to be considered as a candidate for this program, you must have sufficient work experience at NOC skill level C. This work may be completed with different employers in the same occupation and covers labourers, customer service representatives, food and beverage servers, housekeeping attendants or truck drivers.

To qualify for this program within the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, you must:

We’ll help through every step of the way if you choose to apply through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

Atlantic International Graduate Program

In order to be considered as a candidate for the Atlantic International Graduate Program, you do not require work experience.  You must:

If you are taking part in the Atlantic International Graduate Program, you are prevented from applying if you are in Canada on a scholarship or fellowship program that requires your returning home upon graduating.  Also, your study program cannot:

  • have more than half the program be completed in English or French second language courses
  • have more than half the program be completed via distance learning

Let the team at 123Visa guide you through your application process to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This post is also available in: Persian