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Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Program

The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry review applications for Self-Employed Farmers to select the candidates that represent the best opportunity for growth relevant to the targets of Alberta’s agri-food industry based on statistics and reports.

To be considered eligible for the Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Program, you are required to meet a list of criteria. You must:
  • show evidence that you possess adequate farm management skills by producing documents outlining: your current financial / business farm status; education, training and work experience relating to business and farming;
  • submit a proposed business plan for farming in Alberta detailing both your business and investment plan including research you have performed in person in the province
  • proof of backing to run your farm from a Canadian financial institution if applicable
  • currently, have enough financial resources for a sustainable primary production farming operation
  • provide documentation proving you have or can access at least $500,000.00 CAD
  • invest at least $500,000.00 CAD in cash/equity in a farming business in the province
  • be prepared to hire Canadian employees or permanent residents or continue to employ workers if buying into a business
  • prove that you have sufficient language skills according to Canadian Language Benchmark standards
  • plan to settle in the province on a permanent basis

You can get lots of help from many resources in the province to learn and grow as a productive farmer. Contact the Ministry of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry for practical information about farming in the province and helpful resources to make starting a farming enterprise easier.

You can also talk to our immigration experts for advice on starting up a business in any of the Canadian provinces. We have the immigration staff with the knowledge, good common sense, and attention to detail that will make your application process smoother and more successful.

This post is also available in: Persian