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Manitoba Investor Entrepreneur Program

The province welcomes entrepreneurs of all kinds, through the Manitoba Investor Entrepreneur Program. Foreign nationals who wish to Invest in Manitoba, and can prove eligibility for the Business Investors Program may apply to the province to be considered as a good candidate for permanent residency. The Adaptability Matrix scores your 

suitability to become economically stable after establishing your business. A Settlement Plan must be submitted to the MPNP, outlining steps for making Manitoba your home, while consistently contributing to the economy and community.

If you are found eligible, you may be invited to submit an application to the province in the form of a may first submit an Expression of Interest to settle in Manitoba as a permanent resident. If the province assesses your application and fines you a good candidate on all levels, you will be nominated to be considered for permanent resident status by having your application added to the Federal Government’s IRCC pool of candidates.

Our job is to get your score for suitability high enough on the ranking points system at two different levels of government. you may take the second step which is to submit an application to the MPNP. One of the things that works in your favour when seeking a nomination for permanent resident status for you, and your immediate family members, is to have family ties already settled in the province as Canadian citizens.

The officers at the Manitoba Business Settlement Office of Entrepreneurship provide information on support services and resources to help you realize your settlement plan.

To be considered for the program you must:

  • have worked at least 3 of the past years in a successful business, in the role of business owner or senior management
  • plan to be actively involved in the business in a managerial role
  • show that you have the required personal net worth
  • be actively involved in providing services or goods in the business as owner or senior management
  • submit a business plan and show that you have researched the viability of your business venture in the province
  • show that you have sufficient funds to invest in the business and are prepared bear all the risk of return on investment involved with starting a business in Manitoba
  • prove your language skills in English and French meet the standards required
  • submit a settlement plan and prove you have enough funds to settle you and your family and wish to stay in Manitoba permanently

This post is also available in: Persian