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New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program

The New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program is paused.

Business Opportunity to Immigrants in New Brunswick, CanadaYou may be able to enter New Brunswick as an entrepreneur you are deemed to be an appropriate candidate for the province by the NBPNP. Your adaptability to be a good asset to the province is scored, focusing on several factors. It is very advantageous to score well in the rating system, and 123Visa can make sure you reach your highest potential in as many areas as possible by addressing the many details, proper documentation etc. You must:

  • show evidence that you wish to permanently reside and base your new business or invest in an existing business venture in New Brunswick
  • prove that you have experience as a business owner or senior manager for at least 3 of the last 5 years
  • prepare and submit a business plan indicating the economic benefit to New Brunswick after familiarizing yourself with the province
  • be between the ages 22 to55
  • show documentation proving that you possess sufficient English or French to meet the required standards
  • have proof of a high school diploma or post-secondary education
  • have a minimum personal net worth of $300,000.00 CAD and will be able to support yourself and your family for up to 2 years without assistance
  • commit to investing a minimum of $125,000.00 CAD in your business (this amount may vary according to the business)
  • prove you can pay $75,000.00 CAD for the province Deposit Agreement (which is refundable upon meeting provinces requirements)
  • be available for an interview with the NBPNP where they present a detailed business plan

New Brunswick is a great province to live and invest in, and we will keep you posted as to when the New Brunswick Entrepreneur program will resume intake of applicants. For more information or to request a free assessment, call us at 001-778-317-4959, or fill out our Contact Form or Email us:

This post is also available in: Persian