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Provincial Investors

Investors may immigrate on a purely Federal Level, or apply to immigrate as Provincial Investors or Entrepreneurs to a specific province through the Provincial Nominee Programs. These are programs developed by each province in conjunction with the IRCC, excluding Quebec, which doesn’t have a PNP like the other provinces but does offer a business investment program in the form of Quebec – Selected Business Class Applicants: Investors or Entrepreneurs.

Most of the provinces have broken their programs down into different sections, based on various National Occupation Classifications to define work skills or special training and education, along with investment, entrepreneurship, engineering and farming. In order to recruit and nominate people from different walks of life who offer various skills, talents, education, training and assets, applicants are assessed based on the valuable contributions they bring to the local economy and community, and the need for their business venture or skills in the labour market.  

The team at 123Visa is here to guide and advise you on the many details that have to be in place and presented well, in order to achieve a high score on the ranking systems. We’ll take every step we can to help you show that you can meet the criteria, so you have a better chance of the province nominating you to join the pool of candidates, to be considered by the IRCC for permanent resident status.

As mentioned, along with a variety of other categories, each of the following provinces has developed a business stream as part of their Provincial Nominee Program. Criteria for these immigrant investor programs varies from province to province as far as capital required, and other factors. Some Entrepreneur programs have sub-categories. 

A large part of the employer-driven stream in the four Maritime provinces is facilitated through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

You can read the details for each Provincial Nominee Program and requirements for Provincial Investors, by clicking on the links below or visiting our pages devoted to explaining the various programs for each province:

This post is also available in: Persian