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Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program

Foreign nationals who wish to immigrate as an entrepreneur to Saskatchewan, must first submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ to the SINP. If the province decides that you are a good asset to the province on many


levels, they will invite you to apply to enter the province as an entrepreneur. You must establish yourself in a business with an active income, providing services or selling items. If the province sees that you have met your obligations as an entrepreneur, after 2 years, the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program may nominate your application to be entered into the Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada pool for consideration for permanent resident status. The IRCC is the final decision on who gets Canadian Citizenship.

In order to meet the criteria of the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program, you are required to meet a list of criteria. You must:
  • have a personal and business net worth of a minimum of $500,000.00 CAD
  • have at least 3 years business management or entrepreneurial experience that pertains to your business or field within the past ten years
  • prove in your plan that you will own at least one-third of the equity in a Saskatchewan business, unless personally investing at least $1,000,000,000.00 CAD
  • invest at least $300,000.00 CAD in Regina and Saskatoon or
  • invest at least $200,000.00 CAD in any other Saskatchewan community
  • show that your language skills are sufficient enough to do business in the province, according to Canadian Language Benchmark standards
  • submit a comprehensive Business Establishment plan indicating that you have researched the feasibility of your plan thoroughly and in person (which may be analyzed by a professional in the field)
  • plan to live in the province on a permanent basis
  • plan to be involved with the business on a active and on-going basis
  • be prepared to create at least 2 full-time positions for Saskatchewan employees unrelated to you, if in Regina or Saskatoon

Selections will be drawn from the Expression of Interest pool for the Entrepreneur program on July 19 and October 18, 2017 and January 17, 2018.

Other programs available in this economic investment stream include the Saskatchewan Farming Program and the Saskatchewan Young Farm Owners and Operators Program.
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This post is also available in: faPersian