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Refugee Immigration

Our Refugee Immigration Consultants are very proud to have already helped hundreds of refugees immigrate to Canada between the various members of the 123Visa Team. We are lucky enough to have been able to come to Canada ourselves and want to assist others to do the same. See our blog on Refugee Streams in Canada to see which you are eligible for.

One of the things that makes Canada such a great country, is that for centuries, it has become a safe haven for refugees from all walks of life, as millions of people from around the world who are looking for a better life on many levels, look to Canada. Our team has successfully assisted those displaced by natural disasters as well as many Convention Refugees and Persons in need of Protection who wish to leave behind a wide variety of difficult circumstances and immigrate to a better life in Canada. We hope that you can come and join us in Canada, to enjoy the freedoms, privileges and support on a federal and provincial level and become a part of a community where you feel safe and respected.

See our blog entitled The 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees for a detailed description of their definition of a ‘Convention refugee’. ‘Section 96’ of the ‘Immigration and Refugee Protection Act’: “A Convention refugee is a person, who, by reason of a well‐founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion,  

  • is outside each of their countries of nationality and is unable or, by reason of that fear, unwilling to avail themself of the protection of each of those countries; or
  • not having a country of nationality, is outside the country of their former habitual residence and is unable or, by reason of that fear, unwilling to return to that country.”

We have helped a great number of Refugee Immigration cases be successful. It is our passion. We apply several years of experience working to help refugees on one level or another. Most of our clients come to us with claims of discrimination, persecution and punishment due to converting from Islam to Christianity or another spiritual path, being in a minority religion or profile, or for being a member of a particular social group – most often as a woman living in an extreme fundamentalist religious society. See our blog ‘Women in Iran immigrate to Canada as Refugees’ or as human and/or political activists. Read our blog – ‘Persecuted Human Rights Activists – Apply Here!’.

Such challenges may be presented in many different ways, including:

  • race – as many countries have a hostile climate and intolerance for other races, to the point of carrying war
  • religious beliefs – many unreasonable punishments and restrictions are carried out throughout the world in the name of religion
  • political opinion – as much passion surrounds politics, this can be a dangerous area for many, as well as political power can pass some unbearable laws for many around the world
  • nationality – a person’s place of birth can become a challenge on many levels in different countries, especially when borders become an issue
  • sexual orientation – as the LGBT is harassed and persecuted in many countries still
  • belonging to certain social groups – females at risk due to ultra-strict traditions are an example of unwanted rules, marriages, pressures and unfair treatments

Sponsorship for refugees includes various options such as:

For a more detailed explanation of your options for sponsorship visit our blog ‘Refugee Streams in Canada’

Even if you have the funds to support you and your family and don’t require financial support, but still wish to claim refugee status with the UNHCR, you will still need an official UNHCR referral or have someone arrange private sponsorship in Canada to begin the process of Refugee Immigration to Canada

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This post is also available in: Persian