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Immigrating from outside Canada as a refugee or ‘protected person’

Canada has long been known for granting asylum on a humanitarian basis to displaced and persecuted people outside Canada, who must leave their homeland. Convention Refugees Abroad and Humanitarian-Protected Persons Abroad, in the Country of Asylum class, may have their resettlement sponsored by the federal government, or private groups if required, or are able to arrive with sufficient funds to settle and support themselves and any dependents. Sponsors may help with finding a place to live, providing food, and clothing, emotional, financial support and well as helping them make a home in the community.

Options for Convention refugees sponsorship include the Government of Canada government-assisted refugees, a group of people or an organization for privately sponsored refugees, or a mix of both blended visa office-referred refugees.

Immigrating as a Convention Refugee or ‘person in need of protection’ from outside Canada requirements must be met when claiming status from abroad. You will have to pass security and health checks.

You may not be awarded refugee status if the following exist:

  • another country that you can return to has already given you Convention refugee status
  • you have already been granted ‘protected person’ status in Canada
  • you entered into Canada at the border between Canada and the United States
  • you are not allowed in Canada for reasons of security, criminal background or human rights violations or are under a removal order
  • you have already made a refugee status claim that the IRB found to be ineligible or rejected
  • you made a previous application for refugee status and abandoned or withdrew it

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This post is also available in: Persian