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Refugee Sponsorship by Groups of Five:

Groups of Five Canadian Citizens or permanent residents may apply to sponsor people who have documentation to prove that the United Nations Refugee Agency, or a foreign state, has determined them to be Convention refugees or a ‘person in need of protection’.

A ‘sponsor-referred refugee’ is someone who one of the Groups of Five chooses to sponsor, including a family member, a friend or a refugee that has been suggested by an overseas contact. A Settlement Plan, that usually lasts about one year, must be submitted by the G5 and each member usually commits an amount to the trust created in the refugee’s name before they enter the country.

Strict attention to detail is required at both ends of this sponsorship process. Missing one detail could delay the process or result in a denial. Use the expertise and thorough approach of our experienced team of immigration consultants for a smooth application process free of glitches.

For the Groups of Five to be approved, certain criteria must be met. You must:
  • be 18 years or older
  • currently be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • reside in the same settlement community that will be offered
  • provide support for the entire year (or period) of sponsorship, by helping the refugee improve their language skills, getting enrolled in programs to assist with their assimilation, counselling, accompanying them to medical appointments, opening a bank account, take steps to find work, etc.
  • prove your group has the funds to assist with the settlement plan
  • have a detailed settlement plan including  calculating costs for clothing, food staples, household, hook-up and school start-up costs, transportation costs and a general living allowance

Groups of Five Sponsorships are a great way to help a refugee come to Canada that makes the act of helping someone resettle in a new homeland easier for the sponsor and the sponsored.

You can visit our page on Family Sponsorship to find about more on family unification as well as see our blog for an overall view of all of the ‘Refugee Streams in Canada’. When you’re ready, we’re here to help!

This post is also available in: Persian