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Alberta Skilled Trade Worker Program

The Alberta Skilled Trade Worker Program is also known as the ‘Semi-Skilled Worker’ Program and is part of the employer-driven stream in the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program. It allows the province’s employers, who wish to keep an employee who currently is a foreign worker, employed on a permanent and full-time basis. This category covers food and beverage processing, hotel and lodging, manufacturing, long-haul trucking, food service occupations.

If the LMIA indicates that the employer Alberta Skilled Trade Worker Programhas a position that cannot be readily filled by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident already in the province, then the employer may offer you a permanent position, if you plan to settle in the province permanently.

In order to qualify for the Alberta Skilled Trade Worker Program, you will need to meet a variety of criteria. You must:

  • be currently working in a full-time position at standard Alberta regional employment wages with a valid work permit from an Alberta employer
  • show proof of completing high school, (equivalent to the province’s  standards)
  • submit a Language Proficiency Test (not more than 2 years old ) from an approved source to prove you meet level 7 of the Canadian Language Benchmark standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • submit a confirmation that offering you employment, does not conflict with any collective bargaining agreements and is allowed according to the Labour Market Impact Assessment report
  • have a settlement plan created and submitted by your employer
  • demonstrate your plans to permanently settle in Alberta by submitting proof of networking on a professional, social and community basis, property rental/ownership or rental, having family ties, etc.
  • have sufficient settlement funds for you and any dependents to travel and establish a home

Unless you fall under the Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering Occupations Category, you must be in possession of valid work permit or implied status based on the Labour Market Impact Assessment (or exemptions), during the entire AINP application and assessment period.

If you don’t find your skill set on this page, you may find it on the Alberta Skilled Worker Program

This post is also available in: Persian