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Prince Edward Island Skilled Trade Worker Program

The Prince Edward Island Skilled Trade Worker Program covers Canadian Experience Class critical workers in NOC skill level C or D class, including labourers, customer service representatives, food and beverage servers, housekeeping attendants or truck drivers, who have already obtained a ‘profile’ that has been entered into the Express Entry Skill pool. If an employer is unable to fill a position that requires a low level of occupational skills through the local labour force, the province may allow foreign nationals who meet the criteria of a critical worker.

To apply through the Prince Edward Island Skilled Trade Worker Program, to fill the position once invited to do so, you must:
  • Prince Edward Island Skilled Trade Worker Programat the time you apply for the program, be between 21 and 59 years old
  • have a minimum 2 years’ experience of full-time permanent work or relevant training and education during the last 5 year period
  • have a valid work permit and be legally allowed to immigrate to Canada
  • have worked at least 6 months full-time for a PEI employer
  • have secured a full-time, permanent job offer, with a PEI employer, where you are making regional PEI wages, in a NOC skill level C or D occupation for which you have trained
  • have a minimum score of 50 points on the Labour Impact Self-Assessment report
  • prove you have sufficient language skills by taking a CIC approved language test, from an accredited source, that confirms you have minimum level 4 language skills, according to Canadian Language Benchmark standards, in English or French, for reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • currently have a valid work permit to work and live in PEI
  • prove that you have the required licensing, certification, and training to perform the duties of the job you have secured
  • show evidence that you intend to permanently settle in PEI by producing documentation of establishing a life through professional and employment networking, community involvement, property ownership/rental and family ties
  • prove that you have the means to settle you and your family in PEI, including travel and immigration costs
  • be available for an interview in person with an immigration officer, if required
  • have a minimum secondary school education or the equivalency

If this is not your area of skill, perhaps you should check out the PEI Skilled Worker Program as well.

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This post is also available in: faPersian