Provincial Skilled Trade WorkerMost of the Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada have a category for Provincial Skilled Trade Worker Program to which you can apply as a way to live and work in Canada.

Many of the provinces have signed an agreement with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to allow employers to hire a foreign worker to fill a position, if that employer is unable to fill it with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada.

This category covers the National Occupation Class C and D. This includes labourers, customer service representatives, food and beverage servers, housekeeping attendants  and long-haul truck drivers. 

A secondary school is required, along with any extra training, either on the job or via a special course, for this category.  There may be some certification required as well.

Provincial Skilled Trade Worker ProgramEach Provincial Skilled Trade Worker Program has its own criteria which differs from province to province. You can click on the titles below to visit the page for the province you are most interested in working and living in, to find our the list of criteria.

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Please find a list below of each Provincial Skilled Trade Worker Program. You will see some of them have slightly different names, but it is basically the same category from province to province, with specific criteria.

Alberta Skilled Trade Worker Program

British Columbia Skilled Trade Worker Program

Northwest Territories Skilled Trade Worker Program

Ontario Skilled Trade Worker Program

Prince Edward Island Skilled Trade Worker Program


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