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Yukon Territories Skilled Trades Worker Program 

The Yukon Territories Skilled Trades Worker Program, otherwise known as the ‘Critical Impact Worker Program’, covers foreign nationals with NOC C or D occupation skills, including labourers, customer service representatives, food and beverage servers, housekeeping attendants or truck drivers who wish to immigrate to Canada’s beautiful Yukon Territories.

To qualify for the Yukon Territories Skilled Trades Worker Program, you must:


  • have a score of at least 65 points out of 100 on the points grid that assesses applicants for suitable candidates
  • ensure you have a valid work permit, if you are currently working in the province and for the duration of the application process
  • prove that you have worked a minimum of 6 months in a position similar to the one you are offered, as far as requirements for skills, education, training and licensing
  • show documentation to prove that you have a secondary school diploma plus diplomas, certificates, degrees, to evidence any other training, education required to do your job, that are equal to Canadian standards
  • show documentation from a CIC approved institution, proving you have the minimum required level of language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing according to Canadian Language Benchmark standards by testing at the following levels:
  • A foreign worker with occupational skills Levels C and D require:
  • level 4 in the ‘Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program’
  • level 4 in the ‘International English Language Testing’
  • level 3 in the ‘Test d’évaluation du Français for French’

(although some employers require higher language skill levels for certain occupations in the Yukon Territories Skilled Trades Worker Program)

If you need more information about other Yukon Territory immigration programs, you can visit our pages for the Yukon Territories Entrepreneur Program and the Yukon Territories Skilled Worker Program. And of course, you can always consult the immigration team at 123Visa.

This post is also available in: Persian