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Provincial Skilled Worker Programs

Foreign nationals, who have already entered into the Express Entry System, and are skilled workers, with high enough education, technical training, experience and language skills, may apply to one of the Provincial Skilled Worker Programs within the Provincial Nominee Programs of each province that has the category running.

Express Entry encompasses the Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Each province, with the exception of Quebec, has signed an agreement with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada which allows the province to select foreign workers who skills are able to fill a gap in the province’s workforce or as an entrepreneur who can invest funds to establish a business or invest in an existing business.

Reports from the Labour Market Information and Labour Mobility are taken into consideration when approving applications, and if there are too many submissions for certain categories or chances of employment are found to be slim in specific fields, then application opportunities may be reduced.

To apply to one of the Provincial Skilled Worker Programs, you must prove that you plan to settle in the province permanently and that you have secured full-time employment in the field directly relating to your skills and that you can start contributing to the community and economy right away. You must also have at least two years’ full-time experience or equivalent part-time experience over a longer period, as a skilled worker.

Each province has a ranking system to score your adaptability and the benefits of adding your skills, training and experience to the province’s labour force. The highest scorers are more likely to be selected by the province as candidates for permanent resident status and join the IRCC pool of successful candidates to possibly be chosen to go forward at the next regular draw. The 123Visa immigration experts make sure that you are presenting all your assets in the best way possible to achieve the highest score you can.

This post is also available in: Persian