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Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Program

The Saskatchewan Skilled Worker Program covers highly skilled international workers living abroad. The categories include Managerial jobs NOC skill 0, Professional jobs NOC skill A and Technical jobs and Skilled Trades jobs NOC skill B. Applicants must have already qualified for the Canadian Experience Class, and have a valid profile registered in the Express Entry pool.

In order to meet the criteria for the Saskatchewan Skilled Worker Program, foreign nationals who want to settle in Saskatchewan must:
  • have a score of at least 60 points out of 100 for suitability on the (SINP) point assessment grid
  • have at a minimum of one year’s experience working in your skilled occupation during the past ten years
  • meet the requirement of have level 4 language skills according to the Canadian Language Benchmark standards in English or French (although some employers require higher language skill levels) and show test results from a CIC approved institution to establish your level of language skills
  • prove that you are eligible for compulsory Regulated Occupations and Licensing in your skilled profession or trade
  • show that you have a permanent, full-time offer of employment with a Saskatchewan employer or a guaranteed offer of employment in a designated trade or a position that falls under National Occupational Classification – Matrix level A, B or 0
  • prove that you have settlement funds for you and your family to travel and start a new life in the province

Besides the Saskatchewan Skilled Trades Program, there are other programs in the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program through which you may apply to immigrate into the province. These include Saskatchewan Experience Category, Saskatchewan Entrepreneur ProgramSaskatchewan Farming Program and the Saskatchewan Young Farm Owners and Operators Program. Find out more about these programs by consulting our team of immigration experts at 123Visa by emailing

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This post is also available in: faPersian