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Yukon Skilled Worker Program 

The Yukon Skilled Worker Program  covers NOC 0, A or B occupational skills, including Managerial jobs – NOC skill 0, Professional jobs – NOC skill A and Technical jobs and skilled trades jobs – NOC skill B. 

Foreign nationals with one or more of these skills are eligible to apply to obtain an Express Entry profile through the Federal government by scoring at least 65 out of 100 on the Express Entry points grid. The YTNP may access your profile from the Express Entry pool, and if you are found to be a good candidate for settlement in the province, may invite you to apply to one of the province’s immigration programs. If you meet the criteria and score well on the province’s programs points grid, the YSNP may nominate your application to be placed into the IRCC’s pool to have a chance at being selected for consideration for permanent resident status.

The 3 economic immigration programs eligible for the Express Entry system, are Federal Skilled Worker Program,  Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class.

Foreign nationals studying in the country on a student permit need prove they completed at least 1-year certificate programs or 2-year diploma program or Bachelor’s degree program in order to apply for the YTNP. Completion of Level 8 of the Yukon College ESL program is required of foreign students enrolled in the program.

In order to meet the criteria for the Yukon Skilled Worker Program, to start the process, you must:


  • ensure you have a valid work permit if you are currently working in the province and for the duration of the application process
  • have training, education and work experience related to your position that meets the National Occupational Classification requirements for the position or province approved accreditation in the form of licensing, certification, proof of foreign equivalent
  • have secured a full-time, permanent job with benefits or offer of employment from a Canadian employer in the Yukon Territories
  • have a minimum of 1-year experience working in the same job you will be assuming in the Yukon Territories
  • prove that you have enough funds to settle you and your immediate family members in the Yukon Territories
  • show documentation proving you have the minimum required level of language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing according to Canadian Language Benchmark standards by testing at the following levels:
  • Foreign worker with occupational skills Levels 0 and A require:
  • level 7 in the ‘Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program’
  • level 6 in the ‘International English Language Testing’
  • level 4 in the ‘Test d’évaluation du Français for French’
  • Foreign workers with occupational skills Level B require:
  • level 5 in the ‘Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program’
  • level 5 in the ‘International English Language Testing’
  • level 3 in the ‘Test d’évaluation du Français for French’
  • ensure your employer is a Canadian citizen or company, meeting territorial labour standards for training and licensing criteria and paying regional wages for the level of work you have secured

If you don’t find your skill set in the Yukon Skilled Worker Program, you may find it in the Yukon Skilled Trades Worker Program.

This post is also available in: Persian