Persecuted Human Rights Activists

Persecuted Human Rights Activists – Apply Here!

If you are a Human Rights Activists, experiencing persecution based on your ‘membership in a particular social group’, or your political opinions, then we are here to help you out of your predicament, and into a country that respects your human rights!

We help Persecuted Human Rights Activists find asylumWatch a video depicting some brave women standing up for their rights. Some are in prison now. We know this scenario all too well. For years, our team of immigration specialists have helped people who are persecuted for standing up for the human rights of themselves and others, in an ultra-strict, controlling and oppressive societies. Unfortunately, once the persecution starts, people become targets for scrutiny of their lives on several fronts. Criticizing regimes is often followed by severe consequences for the activist and sometimes their family members. One of the heartbreaking stories we often hear from Human Rights Activists, and others who are persecuted, is that if people don’t bend to the will of the authorities, stop their actions, and shut up, their family members are threatened with terrible acts of persecution as well. Such acts add a whole new dimension to standing up for people’s rights, and many are forced to succumb to silence, just to protect their loved ones.

It is been noted through our research that women, in particular, become targets in a male-dominated, Islamic society, because the women are not supposed to be voicing their opinions in general. Women seem to be valued less in the eyes of the law in many countries, making situations more difficult when some level of protection is required.

Persecuted Human Rights Activists - Apply Here!Areas of certain countries have been taken over by those involved in drugs, prostitution and sex-slaves, including underage age children. Social activists trying to form support groups and reporting such activity may be shut down very fast, one way or another, by a patriarchal society which doesn’t enforce laws to protect women nearly enough. Forced marriages and child marriages still take place and our team works hard to protect females from such fates.

We have heard so many stories about human rights being squashed in different ways from our clients that it just increases our resolve to help people escape such unreasonable oppression when they are just living their lives and become victims.

Religious persecution is another area in which many of our clients site as a reason to claim Refugee status. It is hard to believe that people are not free to worship as they please in this day and age. Unfortunately, this is still a reality for many, especially when religious leaders, control the government, military and most of the business. They see anyone with a different belief system than theirs, as a definite threat. Minority religions and races face discrimination and persecution constantly and we applaud those brave enough to stand up to unjust regimes and their extreme punishments.

Persecuted Human Rights Activists flee as RefugeesPersecuted Human Rights Activists – Apply Here! We are behind you and respect what you do. If you are experiencing genuine discrimination, threats persecution and punishment including fines, lashings, imprisonment or worse, contact our team at 123V Immigration Services, and we will do our very best to prove that you are a Convention Refugee, worthy of such status. We bring many such refugees to Canada where they can find asylum and a new way of life in a peaceful and safe country.

Read up on the Hierarchy of the Canadian Immigration Court to better understand the court system governing the immigration process for Refugees in Canada. Your choices to immigrate as a Convention Refugee based on being persecuted due to belonging to a particular group such as Human Rights Activists among other factors, include a Group of Five Sponsorship, where 5 people who you may or may not know combine together to provide for all your needs for up to one year to help you settle in Canada.

Our team can help you from abroad to submit your initial claim for Convention Refugee status to the United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesOutside Canada, or we can assist you in applying for refugee status from Inside Canada. You can learn more about this process by visiting and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Whatever way you may enter Canada as a refugee, 123 Visa Immigration Services’ vast experience in helping refugees, our knowledge of immigration law and ability to present your case thoroughly and professionally, may prove to be key to your successful application process. 

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