Vancouver Immigration Services for Refugees

Refugee Streams in Canada

There are several types of Refugee Streams in Canada, assisting people from around the world who seek to come to Canada, while in need of protection or asylum. These include Private Sponsorship Groups (G5), Sponsorship Agreement Holders, (SAH) and by obtaining a UNHCR Referral. Several criteria must be met, including being 18 years of age, or older, and already having been awarded Permanent Resident Status in Canada.

Sponsorship agreement holders (SAH), is one of the Refugee Streams in Canada, where members of humanitarian or religious organizations, or ethnic groups, who form a community to sponsor, and may or may not know the person they are sponsoring. Co-sponsorship may be arranged between sponsorship agreement holders who wish to share responsibility in establishing and carrying through with a settlement plan for the sponsored person, usually for the first year they are in Canada.

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