Women in Iran Immigrate to Canada as Refugees

Women in Iran Immigrate to Canada as Refugees

The Immigration Specialists at 123Visa are particularly pleased to have the ability to help Women in Iran immigrate to Canada. We seek to help females of all ages, who are being persecuted, simply for being a woman in an extreme, fundamentalist Islamic society.

Through our in-depth research, first-hand knowledge and continued reports from our Iran Office, we know the challenges women face all too well. Our client base is composed of more women fleeing Iran due to oppressive conditions and Human Rights violations in Iran, than any other basis of claim group for refugee status, either within Canada or abroad.

Women in Iran Immigrate to CanadaAs most know, after the Islamic Revolution, the situation in Iran, became worse for women, with rules and laws being imposed to restrict and oppress women. It is hard for Canadians, who enjoy so many freedoms, to comprehend what women endure in Iran. When we have the opportunity to bring someone to Canada, who have had their human rights stomped on, for most of their life, it is something we strive to bring about with determination, to our very best, down to the last detail, so success is inevitable.

In our quest Women in Iran Immigrate to Canada we hear so many tragic stories of restrictions or total denial of human rights, but it is the plight of women that stands out. We realize that life is not completely oppressive for all women in Iran, as many are enjoying an education and walking around without being totally covered by Hijabs, and Chadors, in cities such as Tehran, where liberalism can be tolerated a little more than in rural areas. The problem in Iran is that an extreme fundamentalist Islamic religion governs life by forming the military, government and most of business, and oppression is hard to escape. Authorities and clerics used archaic rules to restrict women on many levels, rationalizing verbal and physical abuse, fines and even imprisonment and stoning to death, for disobeying their rules, and saying something or conducting themselves in a way considered quite normal and moral to the rest of the world.

Changes are happening, and although the following oppressive rules and human rights violations don’t happen in every woman’s life in Iran, too many are still experiencing these challenges, particularly in areas outside major cities in Iran, where Islamic rule, backed by clerics, Iran Revolutionary Guard Corp. and the ‘Morality Police’ prevail:

  • Honour Killings still take place against Women in Iran, with unjust punishments for family members who murder a woman because they believe she has brought shame to their family.
  • If women are raped, they can be blamed, while their rapist goes uncharged or receives a minimal punishment.
  • Women in Iran forced to cover themselves head to toe‘Morality Police’ enforce the wearing of ‘Hijabs’ (head scarves) and ‘Chadors’ (full length, loose-fitting garments) in public. If a woman is caught wearing make-up or nail polish, she risks verbal abuse, fines, beatings, imprisonment and even acid attacks.
  • Forced Gender Segregation means women receive beatings simply for talking to a man and must often use different seating areas on buses, and entrances to buildings etc.
  • Restriction on education and working is still happening for women in Iran, more so, in areas outside cities, where extremists seem to be allowed to take over to a greater degree
  • Freedom of expression is a harder battle for women in Iran, with more scrutiny on their work, and other freedoms such as enjoying media. Women face heightened harassment through threats and persecution.
  • Women in Iran, who are Human Rights activists, appear to be targeted for persecution to a greater degree. The Islamic Regime doesn’t want anyone criticizing them, let alone women who they treat like 2nd class citizens!
  • Double standards, which allow men to have multiple wives, one ‘permanent’ one, and up to four ‘temporary’ wives, to skirt around the issue of adultery, where, as, women who may not have more than one marriage, face extreme punishments for adultery, often even when they are the victim of a rape.Women in Iran suffer forced marriage as children
  • Forced marriage is still in practice by many in Iran.
  • Children are forced into marriage at ages far too young.
  • A woman must have permission from her husband to divorce, with the exception of insanity, impotence and failure to provide.
  • According to sharia law, a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man in court.
  • A married woman must have permission to leave the country
  • Women are often prevented from participating and viewing sports and punished by their families or society if caught doing so.
  • Some women experience confinement in the family home, especially if they are viewed to bring shame to a family, easily done by Islamic standards.
  • Women often go from the control of their father or patriarch to the control of their husband.

We bring years of experience, knowledge, and a true sense of caring to help all women in Iran immigrate to Canada through various streams. However, we are most pleased to help women experiencing some of the above-listed challenges, in any ultra-strict, male-dominated, fundamentalist society, to a point where a definition of a Convention Refugee applies. If you are such a woman, let us assist you in attaining a home where you can enjoy all the freedom you deserve. Contact us for help 

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